Customer service

For all questions related to gift cards, contact us using the feedback form below or phone our service number 010 76 82053 (€0.0835 €/call + €0.1209/min) MonFri 8 AM4 PM.


How long will my gift card be valid?

The S Group’s gift card’s validity period is 24 months. After each use you will get more validity time.

Do I need to use the gift card all at once?

S Group's new gift card with a decreasing balance need not be used all at once, but it can be used gradually.

Can a gift card be changed for cash?

An S Group gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.

Can you pay for fuel with a gift card?

A gift card can be used to pay for fuel at the cash desk. Automatic vending machines do not accept gift cards.

Går det att betala Veikkaus produkter med presentkort?

Det går inte att köpa Veikkaus produkter med presentkort.  

Will I get Bonus points for buying a gift card?

The purchaser of an S Group gift card does not earn Bonus points. Bonus points are earned when the gift card is used in an S Group outlet to pay for a product or service, provided that the person using the gift card is an S Group co-op member.

Can more value be topped up in cards?

S Group's new top-up gift card can only be topped up upon purchasing it. It cannot be topped up later.


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