Give an S Group gift card as a present

With the S Group gift card you will give a present that is sure to please the recipient. Choose a suitable value between EUR 10 and EUR 150 and an image from the cheerful alternatives and let the recipient choose the rest! The S Group gift card can be used for payment at as many as 1,500 S Group outlets throughout Finland, and the recipient is free to choose a present to suit their own taste.


Buy the gift card at your closest S Group outlet

Private customers may buy S-Group's general gift cards from Prisma and Sokos as well as small shops such as S-market, Alepa and Sale. Gift cards are available near the cash desks. There are several images to choose from to suit the recipient.


You can charge the card between 10 and 150 euros

  • You can charge 10 to 150 euros on the giftcard. You can decide the amount yourself.

  • The recipient may use the whole sum at once or in smaller amounts.

  • Giftcard is valid 24 months from the moment of purchase.


The product-restricted gift card

The product-restricted gift card cannot be used for buying tobacco or alcohol products. The product-restricted gift card is only accepted as a means of payment at S Group’s grocery shops: Sale, Alepa, S-market, Food Market Herkku, Prisma, Sokos, Emotion, and Prisma Rauta. Note! The product-restricted gift card is not accepted as a means of payment at ABC service station stores. Product-restricted gift cards can be bought at the above listed outlets or through a business order from our webstore.